Phoenix Accident Injuries

Nobody expects a quick trip to the store to quickly become a traumatic event.  But slipping on an unmarked wet floor or falling into a pot hole in the parking lot can cause serious injury, all because someone did not take care to ensure the premises were safe.

Slip & fall/premises liability

Whoever is responsible for a business or any public facility is responsible for keeping all buildings and adjacent land (such as parking lots) safe.  This is called premises liability, and it covers a wide range of properties, including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Stores
  • Public parking lots
  • Work sites
  • Government facilities
  • A person’s home

All properties need to be properly maintained, and procedures must be in place to protect the public from injury in areas that are currently unsafe.  This means wet floors must be clearly labeled, carpeting should be affixed to the floor to prevent tripping and other precautions should be taken to prevent the possibility of injury.

Slip and fall or other premises liability-related accident injuries in Phoenix are governed by Arizona comparative negligence laws.  This means that people injured in a Phoenix accident injury can be held partially liable if they did not exercise reasonable caution.  In this case, the law looks at the percentage to which each party was responsible for an accident injury in Phoenix, and reduces awards for damages based on the percentage for which the injured party was responsible.

The importance of a Phoenix premises liability attorney

As you might imagine, it can be difficult to prove who was at fault for a premises liability case.  This is why it is so important to retain an attorney who has extensive experience in these types of cases.  A skilled attorney knows how to analyze Phoenix accidents to determine liability, and that lawyer even has access to forensic and other types of investigations to obtain important evidence for a case.

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