Dog Bites

Phoenix Accident Injuries

A pleasant walk in the park can quickly become a traumatic event when a dog bites you or your child. It is said that dog bite accident injuries in Phoenix are the second most common cause of injury to children.  Even more tragic is the fact that many children are mauled or killed by family pets.

Dog bites

Dog bite accident injury in Phoenix is governed by specific Arizona laws, including the following:

  • Dog bite lawsuits against dog owners can be filed within one year.
  • The victim of this type of Phoenix accident injury does not have to prove that the dog was vicious prior to the incident, nor that the dog owner knew that the dog had a propensity to bite.  While some states require proof of prior knowledge on the part of the dog owner, Arizona does not consider this to be a valid defense against liability.
  • The only defense against liability for a dog bite is whether the victim provoked the dog.

The importance of a Phoenix dog bite injury attorney

It may appear that Arizona law makes it easy to gain compensation if you or a loved one was victim to Phoenix accident injury from a dog bite.  In fact, these cases can be very complicated.

To get the best outcome, it is critical that you contact a qualified personal injury attorney to help with the legal issues associated with your loss. When you are facing the stress of injuries of any Phoenix accidents, including dog bites, an experienced attorney will help you to focus on the issues at hand.  Your attorney can present the available options, advise you on how to proceed, and prove your case toward a fair settlement, in or out of court.

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